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Wayfound was launched in 2024 as a GenAI platform to help companies find their way with the latest AI technologies and apply them in practical ways to see real returns quickly. We partner with early adopters who see the promise of LLM technologies and believe in the power of AI Agents to up-level customer experiences and work productivity.
Wayfound will always use the latest state of the art technology so our customers can continue to be leaders and innovators for their organizations. Join us and be one of the Wayfinders!
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A company with heart, not just brains

Wayfound is the life’s work of seasoned product innovators Tatyana Mamut and Chad Burnette. With over 50 years of combined technology leadership building new products for Salesforce, AWS, Box, and Pendo, Tatyana and Chad have been at the forefront of several technology shifts – but none as exciting as the adoption of Generative AI.

Tatyana and Chad met at Pendo when they were both product executives and discovered that they share a passion to push technology toward its full potential and to put that potential into the hands of customers. As parents, they also share a heartfelt desire to create a better economic future for the next generation, and to build the platforms today to enable a more empowered, more creative, and more fulfilling world.

Tatyana Mamut, PhD
Founder & CEO
Chad Burnette
Founder & CTO

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